With over 2,700 staff operating across 28 regional locations, Equiniti is a business services provider delivering payment solutions and administration to over 1,600 clients in the UK private and public sectors*. We are owned by Advent International and lead in each of our chosen markets. We serve 53% of the FTSE 100, support 27% of UK work-based pension schemes, and are the nation’s largest and most successful share registrar.

We are not a large corporation seeking to take over. Instead we operate in the background, as highly focused specialists who know how to play our part, helping you to focus on your clear priorities and establishing the essential governance and confidence you need to adapt quickly. Together our partnership operates faster, executes more effectively and provides more reliable assurance around the things that “cannot be allowed to fail”.

Equiniti India

Equiniti India is an Equiniti group company that offers IT and BPO Services to various Equiniti group companies and end clients of Equiniti.The company is based out of Chennai, India employing talented and motivated IT professionals with a current capacity of 250 seats. The facility is hosted in the DLF IT Park which is the largest Infotech hub of Chennai having a world class secured work environment meeting global IS standards and expectations of the most demanding clients.