Equiniti India is a Centre of Excellence and we showcase integrity and openness in our dealings with our clients. A key element of culture and business practices of the Equiniti India is that it incorporates similar DNA and values. Our team in India manages a number of activities across various services, completing numerous transactions yearly.

A structured and robust transition plans are designed every time a new project is offshored to the business. During implementation of the project plan, a road map is adopted to complete the transition and track every milestone achieved. Once the initial transition is complete our team in Chennai work in partnership with our UK team to ensure the best customer service is maintained. Transition of any new work is formally documented. With due diligence at the heart of the transition, all new work is formally signed off through a rigorous Go- Live process.

The Equiniti India team is adept at delivering many successful off-shore projects. We operate during both UK and India hours enabling seamless interaction between stakeholders in the UK and India.

We offer a wide range of services: from numerous operational processing activities, IT development, testing & support, PeopleServices to Marketing & Sales Support.In the past year we have experienced considerable growth and this is set to continue into 2016 and beyond.