Information Security Analyst

Job Code: ATR-258

Objective of job :

Supporting the development and implementation of a process for managing customer assurance questionnaires. 

Using the process to ensure that accurate and timely assurance is provided to customers (or their representatives) in line with any contractual and operational requirements and within service target time. 

Key Responsibilities :

  • Assist with the development of a database of standard IT and Information Security responses to customer assurance questionnaires. The content of the database is to be aligned to the ISO 27001 Requirements and Controls framework. 
  • Analyse previously completed questionnaires to establish the ‘best of breed’ responses to questions for each Equiniti business stream, and populate the database with those responses.
  • Maintain the database in a controlled manner, ensuring that information remains up-to-date.
  • Complete client questionnaires with the appropriate standard responses that are relevant to the Equiniti business stream. 
  • Produce Management Information relating to the volumes of customer questionnaires received and performance against target completion date.
  • Support the Bid & Sales processes by providing responses to client questions / questionnaires in line with requested timescales.   

Qualification & Skills :

Mandatory :

  • Knowledge of IT & Information Security (policies, practices, controls) - essential
  • Knowledge of ISO 27001 – essential
  • Experience of working within IT & Information Security - essential
  • Experience of delivering work within target timescales – essential.
  • Experience of working in support of UK-based staff and customers – essential
  • Experience of completing client assurance questionnaires – preferable 
  • Educated to degree level - preferable

 Personal Traits :

  • Excellent written and oral skills - essential
  • Attention to detail and ability to deliver complete and accurate work - essential
  • Ability to develop good working relationships and excellent interpersonal skills - essential
  • Excellent organisation skills with the ability to organise, plan and prioritise work - essential
  • Capable of working independently and as part of a team  – essential
  • Ability to use own initiative, to take a pro-active and determined approach to resolving work issues– essential
  • The ability to multi-task and to be able to prioritise workload to be able to deal with a variety of tasks – essential
  • Ability to analyse and interpret information
  • Good Microsoft Office skills – essential

Desirable :

  • ISO 27001  certification

Trust :

  • Acts with integrity and high personal standards in dealings with others.
  • Treats others with respect, openness, honesty and fairness (empathy).
  • Says what they mean; walks the talk.  
  • Accepts responsibility rather than apportioning blame. 
  • Creates the right blend of support and challenge – for self and others.
  • Maintains the organisation’s reputation for high standards of business conduct. 

Client Focus :

  • Adds values and builds true partnerships.
  • Effectively manages expectations to achieve a positive outcome.  
  • Takes personal responsibility for the performance of the Client relationships.
  • Makes a strong positive impact and professional impression.
  • Builds effective networks (internally and externally). 
  • Effectively communicates with Clients and key stakeholders.   
  • Manages, maintains and promotes each relationship to deliver added value solutions and maximise growth potential. 
  • Probes facts and opinions to determine underlying needs and expectations to find out what Clients/Customer’s really need today and identify future requirements.   
  • Pro-actively manages all stakeholders throughout contract renewal and tender processes.  
  • Motivate others to meet and exceed customer service standards by creating the right working environment and relationships.

Belief :

  • Is passionate and believes in what we do and who we are. 
  • Champions collaboration across the business for the benefit of Clients and Customers.
  • Maintains their motivation and commitment, despite changes in direction.
  • Consistently demonstrates the Equiniti Group Values, even under pressure.

People :

  • Acts as a role model to others.
  • Positive, enthusiastic and supportive of others.
  • Promotes teamwork and works effectively with others to achieve own and wider business goals.
  • Leads in sharing good practice, knowledge and experience with others.
  • Embraces challenges and responds quickly and positively to change.
  • Is receptive, flexible and resilient.
  • Adopts personal style to suit the situation and needs of others.
  • Leads, coaches and develops others to reach their full potential. 

Excellence : 

  • Passionate about delivering service excellence and putting the Client / Customer first.
  • Works hard to get it right first time and keep promises and commitments to others.
  • Pro-actively takes actions and works with others to enhance our performance and reputation.
  • Takes ownership for problems and finds solutions.
  • Constantly searches for opportunities to add value and reduce costs for the Business and Clients.  
  • Continuously learns and improves from experience and shares this with others.
  • Involves and leverages knowledge of others in decision making and problem solving.
  • Makes decisions by evaluating options and uses commercial and market awareness to make appropriate recommendations.
  • Effective use of own time and commits to realistic deadlines.

Job Location: Chennai


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