Job description - Sr.Technical Writer

Objective of job  

A new internal opportunity has arisen to help create and develop a new team with Equiniti India IT for offshoring business from various UK locations to Equiniti India. In this exciting role you will be responsible for Preparing technical documentation of the various Operating Procedures, Knowledge Base Articles, Service Manuals, Service FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions), Training manuals, etc for Equiniti India IT team.

This role is suitable for a candidate with previous technical Document writing experience, Good technical knowledge to understand the terminologies and mainly  service activities and who is looking to grow their career in Technical Dcoumentation area. The role might require working in UK shifts, remote working with UK/European Colleagues and travel if needed. Technical writers/Documentation executives create operating instructions, how-to manuals, assembly instructions, and “frequently asked questions” pages to help technical support staff, within the organisation.  

Qualification & Skills - Mandatory


  • Technical writers must be able to think about a procedure or product in the way that a person with less  understanding and  experience would think about it and use photographs, drawings, diagrams, animation and charts to help the reader understand complex technical processes. 

Technical skills:

  • Technical writers must be able to understand and then explain highly technical information. So it is desired to have individuals with technical knowledge and back ground and very good documentation skills

 Self/Work Organisation:

  • Uses basic time management techniques to plan, manage and prioritise own work effectively, making most efficient use of the time available.
  • Plans, co-ordinates and controls the work and resources of the team.

 Performance Review & Development:

  • Objectively assess the performance of others in accordance with the process, assessing capabilities and potential.
  • Give constructive feedback in order to identify individual’s development needs.
  • Maintain consistency and fairness throughout the process. 

Change Management:

  • Communicate and explain change effectively.

 Organisational Awareness:

  • Has a very good understanding of the Group’s overall aims, structures, policies and culture, together with a good knowledge of the policies, operations, systems and relevant strategies pertaining to specific areas of the business.
  • Able to assess the impact of change on products, systems, processes and people.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key contact in all relevant areas.

Environmental Awareness:

  • Has a good understanding of the business environment in which Equiniti operates and of industry best practice.
  • Has a good awareness of the likely impact of economic, political, social and regulatory change on Equiniti’s business and overall aims, including relevant IT industry developments.
  • Maintain an understanding of competitor services and initiatives and how they may be turned to advantage.

 Personal Traits

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Should have the desire to learn new skills.
  • Desire to learn and ability to quickly implement the learnings.
  • Willingness to work UK hours and availability to travel to the UK at short notice.
  • Highly motivated and ambitious and drive to improve results and standards.
  • Good Team player
  • Willingness to take ownership and responsibility for own tasks and the team.

Task description

  • Prepare Technical documentation of various IT support activities like but not limited to the below:
  • IT Support Services
    • Software Product Manuals
    • System Architecture
    • Standard and Non-standard operating procedures
    • Service and Development Processes aligned with IT industry standards
    • Step by Step work instructions
    • Service Manuals
    • Training Materials for employees in IT
  • Interviews / discussions with Process owners in UK/Chennai and identification / creation of process flows with an emphasis on accuracy and compliance with business needs
  • Maintain a Master Document Control Listing and ensure compliance with documentation procedures and standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness
  • Participate and observe production, developmental and experimental activities to determine operating procedures and detail
  • Analyze developments in specific field to determine need for revisions in previously published materials and development of new material.
  • Gather usability feedback from the Technical teams and improvise the documentation