EQ India work, life balance

Wed 05 Jul 2017

With their own band, dance club and award winning sports teams, our Equiniti India colleagues certainly know how to get their work/life balance on track. A recent EQ India newsletter revealed the full extent of the extra-curricular activities on offer at our vibrant Chennai site.


Colleagues enjoy a school-style ‘house’ system, where they notch up ‘house points’ based on their participation and enthusiasm. Their houses are; ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. Manikandan Prabhakaran, EQ India's Training Manager said;

“We have divided all EQI staff into the four houses as mentioned. When taking part in internal EQ India events such as a music competition, quiz or sports activity each participant will mention the house they belong too. There is a monthly dashboard showcasing the points each house has got, through participation or wins. Each house also elects a Captain and Vice-Captain. We have formed this ensuring there is maximum collaboration, with individuals also being rewarded.”

The house system is just the start of what’s on offer. The EQ India Sports Club boasts teams in cricket, football, badminton and volleyball (pictured in listed order) and by all accounts they’ve enjoyed considerable success. In a recent Corporate Olympiad Tournament, the EQ India Sports teams competed against 16 other corporates. They were delighted to be crowned winners in the carom and cricket tournaments (with 5 man of the match trophies) as well as runners up in badminton and football – even scooping the best jersey prize! EQ India's bi-monthly newsletter said:

“Clubs can act as one of the most effective motivational tools in reducing employees’ stress levels and boosting their overall health and wellbeing. Similarly, sport and other social activities can be used to cultivate a sense of camaraderie and team spirit helping to boost morale, productivity and results. We cherish our nostalgic days we had back in school and we still remember the house we belonged to, don’t we? We wanted to recreate the same magic and housing system for our staff in EQ India.”

If colleagues aren’t sporty, there is equal provision for the more artistically minded with the introduction of EQ India's own band. Museq India Club (pictured) brings together musicians from throughout the business, and has been given the backing of EQ India's Managing Director, Sam Halford. A recent EQ India newsletter revealed:

“He was been very interested and encouraged us in taking this initiative forward. The club will serve as a platform for musicians of all genres to showcase their skills at various events held within Equiniti India and wherever we can represent ourselves. On the eve of the International Women’s Day celebrations, the MUSEQ India team rendered soothing melodies and rocking numbers to all the folks in EQ India.”

After the band first formed, open auditions were held to find new members. They uncovered a number of talented lyricists, vocalists and instrumentalists and the idea of producing an Equiniti anthem was born. It was reported:

“Our Managing Director was super excited and wanted to know more about it. Without further delay, we showed him the lyrics of the EQI Anthem which was a mixture of English and Tamil and it communicates about our key Values in EQ India. Sam was overwhelmed by this thought and readily approved the go ahead. Jamming sessions are on and with the high spirited team around we are very certain to release the EQ India Anthem soon.”

Last but not least, EQ India's dance club provides an outlet for those with a passion for dance. The dance team also rocked the floor on the eve of the International Women’s Day celebrations (these guys know how to party!) According to our source; “The team had the whole crowd awestruck with their moves and was showered with appreciation.”