L&D and Innovation is fuelling growth for Equiniti India

Mon 02 Dec 2019

Equiniti India is an ISO27001:2013 (Information Security Management System), and part of Equiniti Group Plc (Equiniti) company, engaging in offshore business. Over the past five years, EQ India has grown significantly, providing additional support to Equiniti, the multinational technology payments specialist, by creating a sophisticated and robust presence in India.

EQ India employs highly competent professionals delivering complex and large transactions. The EQ India services include application support/development, software quality assurance, IT Infrastructure support services, Project Management Office (PMO), finance shared service, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) process such as employee benefit solutions, shareholder services, investment services, pension solutions, central reconciliation, customer experience centre (voice process), HR & payroll and marketing & sales support. Today EQ India has grown from circa 100 employees to over 1,000 across two locations Bengaluru and Chennai. The key attributes to the successful progression of EQ India has been an award winning Learning & Development (L&D) model, delivering an excellent digital and classroom based learning and an in-house R&D facility called the Innovation Team which leverages transformation & automation to deliver contemporary solutions. 

EQ India Learning & Development 

The L&D Team was created in late 2016, with a vision to provide a unique role based and digital learning platform to all staff. Following the successful adoption of this strategy in 2017, an online learning platform called the Digital Academy, is offered to everyone as a resource for all learning needs with powerful features and over 50,000 courses sourced from a leading content provider.

The Digital Academy launched in 2018, has over 95% engagement. This is combined with robust classroom training programmes, one-onone coaching and various blended learning solutions to assist staff on their technical skills. The Special Business Communication Enablement Programme which cover a wide range of programmes, for example, ComEx, Lingo Bistro and customised coaching sessions for the development of the English language has been adopted to nurture the talents of employees.

The L&D Team, with a clear vision set by Managing Director, Sam Halford, has worked on creating a unique centre for knowledge. Some of the notable accomplishments are:

  • An induction programme spread over four weeks ending with a friendly discussion called “Coffee with Sam”
  • A series of monthly video based learning sessions called KTV Knowledge Through Videos
  • A two year Graduate Trainee programme developed to create a career path for new graduates
  • An initiative called Communities of Interests (COI) to encourage a social learning culture
  • Empowerment of leadership teams through external workshops and executive coaching
  • Budding Leaders Meet is another workshop, meeting offsite twice a year, involving all at team leader levels and above
  • Quarterly L&D awards to incentivise staff performance.

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