We use technology to build smart solutions

The Xanite platform is fundamental to EQ's core wealth management and investment solutions. Xanite offers a configurable, fully integrated, browser-based, comprehensive front-to-back solution that can either be deployed as a single application or integrated as components into your existing platform. Web-enabled front-office tools give your customers direct access to the Xanite platform.

Xanite offers a configurable, fully integrated browser-based solution. It can either be deployed as a single application or integrated as components into your existing platform. Web-enabled front-office tools give your customers direct access to the Xanite platform.

EQ India offers Functional Testing Services to Xanite platform and a few other applications under its portfolio. The team has rich experience of the Product and the capacity is being expanded to provide wider services.

Sirius is a fast, scalable and robust platform for the modern world, developed in partnership with the expertise. Its ability to manage the large volumes of data of EQ's FTSE100 Clients is unparalleled in the market today.

The advanced capabilities of Sirius, our internet- based Share Registration and Employee Share Plan platform, allows our web and technology infrastructure to remain leading-edge; providing a single view to employees. The sharing of infrastructure between ESP Portal and Shareview will ensure a consistent user journey for your employee shareholders.

Sirius also processes large tasks with ease such as: paying dividends, carrying out corporate actions, and issuing voting cards.

Sirius has two teams that work interchangeably on new enhancements / features to the platform and working on patches to fix known issues.
In addition EQ India operations a team entirely dedicated to supporting Sirius and helping business accomplish their tasks through the platform. The QA teams work on both Sirius and Web systems that interact with it and together all teams have delivered around 20+ projects / patches in 2016 including high profile ones like Leopard. 

Compendia, ranked the industry’s #1 pension administration platform in 2014, is a powerful web-based solution for comprehensive, long-term, value driven management of occupational defined benefit, defined contribution, career average and hybrid pension schemes.

Compendia provides the complete range of administration, reporting and communication services to support pensions schemes run in-house or by third-party administrators, to meet the needs of trustees, employers and members. Functionality provided by this powerful pension administration platform includes:

  • Calculations
  • Full reporting including management information
  • Self-service
  • Pensions payroll
  • Work flow and document management
  • Case Management

Compendia now offers a solution that provides a seamless and consistent member experience across all intelligent devices including smart phones, tablets and desktops.

Compendia Self-Service is a new responsive self-service website with an enhanced interactive feature set that will keep our Clients’ members engaged and informed and empower them to make important decisions about their retirement planning.

Compendia Self-Service enables Active, Deferred and Pensioner members of DB, DC, CARE and hybrid schemes to access and manage their pensions online via any connected device.

The Compendia Mobile App, for iPhone, offers the same self-service functionality but with an enriched user experience that smartphone users would expect from a dedicated App. The App makes use of Push Notifications allowing us to deliver timely information that is front and centre to our Clients’ registered App users.

EQ India has one of the largest offshore QA teams for Compendia responsible for its releases and a development team that works on Touch. Offshore QA has also worked on MyCSP changes and has a team with strong product knowledge built over a period of time.