Information Security

We act with integrity and openness in our dealings with others

We are regularly audited by the internal auditors of EQ(Equiniti) UK and assessed and certified by end Clients.

EQ India complies with all the applicable local and UK legal and regulatory requirements. Since we are a UK based organization, we follow stringent controls to comply with Data Protection Act. 

We have been certified with ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) which is a testimonial for the maturity and aware of Information Security in the organization. Our Information Security Management System is regularly audited by the internal auditors of EQ UK and assessed and certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA).


EQ India staff are full-time employees of EQ and are governed by the EQ corporate policies and HR practices.

All employees have to clear EQ's vetting policies before gaining physical access to the facility. The secured workplace restricts staff from carrying mobile phones and personal belongings, including pen and paper, into the work environment. 

We have restricted access to printers connected to the network. 

It is served with a world class IS secured working environment which meets global IS standards and undergoes periodical internal reviews conducted by the Risk and Compliance officer based in Chennai.


The IT infrastructure facility is owned and governed by EQ and the facility adheres to Risk and Compliance requirements ensuring secure and robust work environment controls. 

The use of USBs, CDs, DVDs or any removable media is not permitted. There is no facility to cut and paste through terminal services and drives cannot be mapped. 

Chennai desktop users have restricted browsing to business related sites and there is no access to web based email systems.

From within the terminal, Service Users have no access to internet or external email unless it is a key component of their role.