Learning & Development

Learning involves motivation, and employees at EQ India are constantly being motivated, embraced & encouraged to have passion for learning and growing.

We believe that employees who have the enthusiasm to learn and grow have a habit to feel more empowered and committed, thus learning becomes one of the strongest values of EQ(Equiniti).

While it’s believed that “Learning is aversive”, EQ India’s L&D team firmly ensures that its learning offerings are designed with utmost creative and innovative ways to meet the need of “millennial learners”.

We execute robust initiatives to make learning more effective and attractive with a of “Pull-factors”:

  1. KTV(Knowledge Through Video) sessions
  2. Lingo Bistro 
  3. Performance consulting Programs 
  4. Graduate Program
  5. Communities of Interest
  6. Leadership Development Programs
  7. Language Enablement Programs
  8. Sponsored Accreditation 

Here in EQ India, we aim to improve group and individual performance of our staff by increasing and honing their skills and knowledge. EQI’s in-house learning centre which has re-defined learning to be millennial friendly, aligned to strategic business needs of the workforce firmly believes in adopting various innovative ways of learning through EQI Digital Academy, an in-house Elearning system with rich content. 

EQI Academy follows and implements a structured role based learning strategy combining all traditional and conventional methods of learning and with stern goals focussing on the capability development of the employees. We embrace ‘Multiple Skilling’ and give our employees opportunities to stay current with leading-edge technologies & other required skills apart from their primary skills so that their skills are never redundant but future proofing.