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People Services

This department is a centralised platform for all HR related services to colleagues in the UK, optimally utilising capacity and delivering exceptional experience.

Here, we strive to:

  • Provide exceptional and timely service to our stakeholders
  • Improvise on offerings made across all transactional services
  • Use newer tech both in-house and external to ensure seamless workflow
  • Uphold statutory policies and procedures as well as company norms
  • Create a service delivery model that is intuitive at the same time reliable

Our offerings:

  • Support self-service tools and HR intranet portal for the UK
  • Provide employee services through mediums such as emails, phone and chat support
  • Payroll functions and maintenance of payroll system
  • HR related MI and analytics
  • Human capital management & employee data management
  • Employee relations and benefits support
  • E-Learning and development support and maintenance