Marketing & Sales Support

The Marketing and Sales Support team in India works closely with the Equiniti Group’s UK Marketing and Communications team.

The team has skillset across various departments including the Branding, Recruitment Adverts, Business Presentations, Digital Marketing, Internal & External Communications and Research. These skillset are applied in creation of databases, development of sales literature, formatting and styling presentation, website maintenance and social media updates. In addition, the team also supports in compilation of ‘The EQ India’ newsletter for Equiniti India.


The creative services supports the Equiniti Groups’ Creative studio in:

  • Design/Amends of Artworks.
  • Creating infographics/images/Colour.
  • Corrections on Design tools.
  • Creating/Amends of documents and PDF for sales support.
  • Graphic Designing.


Support various departments to produce and manage multiple powerpoint:

  • Formatting and styling presentations which have already been produced, as per the brand guidelines.
  • Creating new presentations in the house style, working from a sketch or word Version.
  • Integrating dynamic functionality such as slide animation, videos, hyperlinks and graphs/images presentations by formatting and styling.


Digital Marketing team supports Equiniti group to manage contents on various group websites by using Umbraco, quickly Migrating and Building new marketing sites using some of the latest web design features and, in turn, this strengthens our wider digital marketing activity.

The team also supports the group to upload daily stories and banners on Engage, score articles on Kantar Media and create monthly PR report. EQ India's presence on various social media platforms is managed by Digital Marketing team. 


To source and develop information for databases across Equiniti’s core services by performing extensive research using various tools. The team also supports the Marketing team in implementation of its yearly plan.


We drive Equiniti India brand values through marketing planning by utilising full range of communication disciplines including Internal Communications, Press & PR and Events.