International Women's Day Celebration At EQ India

Fri 15 Mar 2019

International Women's Day takes place every year on March 8 to celebrate and commemorate the countless achievements of women around the world.

It’s also a time to recognise many gender inequalities that still exist today, and talk about what we can do to combat them. The Diversity and Inclusion team in EQ India constantly strives to eradicate such inequalities that women face in the modern world and provide a better workplace with equal opportunities and pave the path for their career upliftment. One of Equiniti India’s USP which runs in the underline fabric of our culture is the varied avenues we provide for our women workforce to strike that perfect balance between  their professional and their personal space.

We had a three long day of International Women's Day celebration from the 6th to 8th of March 2019 focussing on Women Empowerment, Women’s Health and Work Life Balance as we genuinely work towards #BalanceForBetter - the theme for IWD 2019.  We organised various events and activities for the women employees such as

  1. Rendezvous with Sam - An exclusive connect with the MD
  2. Awareness session on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at work place by Amba Salelkar, co-founder of Paarvai Advisors and is a lawyer with over ten years of experience in implementing processes and procedures around the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment at the workplace.
  3. Three day Yoga Workshop facilitated by Raj Mohan, Certified  Hatha Yoga and Pranic healing Instructor 
  4. Talk session by Gynaecologist followed by one-one consultation to address private concerns of the women staff

To address the need of the hour, we also organised a theatrical way-video screening in partnership with EQ India’s own L&D team on “Respect Women” through their forum “KTV(Knowledge through Videos)”  and we encouraged all the male staff to be a part of this. We fashioned a robust poster campaign on “What & What not Constitute to Sexual Harassment” which pleated the awareness for EQ Associates and the women staff felt so strong & proud being in such a secured environment.

All the women dazzled in Purple-Pink themed attire and the male staff stood up to welcome them at the entrances of our office, that was beautifully decorated with balloon arcs. As they entered, we warmly greeted them with a card along with a chocolate and nothing could beat the million dollar smile on their face. And the best way to bring a close to the celebration was with a Mega cake which we all indulged sinfully with a broad smile.

The entire women population in EQ India participated enthusiastically in all the events , raved about the celebration and we widely received many positive feedback. The Women’s day celebration at EQ India was one of its kind and it sure did stand out making them feel very special.

Sam Halford, MD of EQ India commented,

“Here in Equiniti India we value our women employees and ensure we provide a strong base on which they can see their careers grow. International Women’s day provides a focus on celebrating women. One day is not enough to celebrate the contribution women bring to society. We need to value them every day and provide opportunities for personal growth and wellbeing.”