Equiniti India in CEO INSIGHTS

Mon 16 Apr 2018

Equiniti India, delivering extraordinary results by wielding the power of innovation & collaboration

The incredible metamorphosis of Equiniti India (EQI) from being a small company that outsourced IT & BPO operations of its parent company Equiniti Group (EQ) to third party vendors till 2013 into the one of the biggest business hub of the group with 900+ employees accomplishing four million transactions annually, serves as the perfect archetype demonstrating the power of innovation, transformation and collaboration.

Tremendous credit to Sam Halford's (Managing Director, EQI) prowess in identifying & empowering the right leaders, the firm acquired many like-minded employees from across industries to touch to not just all different points of EQ in UK, but also to cater the group's customers worldwide. 

Credit : CEO Insights India

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